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03 January 2010 @ 11:27 pm
Help a Zorba!  
This is an e-mail I received from my good friend Josie. It's regarding her and her husband's cat, Zorba (full name: Zorba the Geek). I'm re-posting it here because I want to help out little Zorba as much as possible by passing it on to as many people as I can.


Dear friends,

I am searching for a loving, compassionate person who has the time and energy to take a cat into their lives who need re-training. We rescued Zorba when he was a little kitty and adopted him from the ASPCA over 3 years ago. He is lovable and playful--he loves to attack laundry that's being folded and hide in paper bags. He'll cuddle right up on your feet while you're sleeping and sit in your lap while you're watching movies. He chases catnip toys all around the house and is absolutely adorable.

His life has been a bit tumultuous--he had urinary tract blockage very early in his life, twice, and we decided to give him the expensive surgery that prevents future blockage. Unfortunately, when we bought a new couch last month, he peed on it. This is behavior that he used to have as a kitten, but that we really hadn't seen since his last blockage. We cleaned our couch with the cat-pheromone solution that they sell at the natural pet store that is supposed to stop cats from marking things twice, but it didn't solve the problem and he continued to spray on the couch. We tried locking him in rooms away from the couch when we weren't home, but then he just started going to the couch and marking it when we were home. We tried multiple kinds of pheromone solution. And then it got to the point where he was doing it several times a day--our house smelled like cat pee and our couch was always wet from the cleaning solution.

With heavy hearts, we realized that we had to give our beautiful pet up for adoption. We've put him in a shelter in Manhattan and it just makes us sick to know that he's in a cage and terrified. We really do love him and want him to be in a home.

Do you know anyone who is good at retraining problem cats and who wants to take on this lovable little guy as a project? He might be better as a cat that has some access to the outdoors.


If you're interested and/or capable of helping Zorba out, please drop me an e-mail and I will put you in contact with Josie.

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